About Youth Innovation

There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to bring smile on someone’s face and fundamental change in someone’s life.

 YIWF [Youth Innovation Welfare Fund ] is a social service and social welfare organization. Established in the year ………………  YIWF is located , in  the picturesque background of Shivalik foothills , at Dehradun .  

The Youth Innovation Welfare  Fund’s primary purpose is to support and help out youth, particularly downtrodden and disadvantaged young people , specially in the field of education. It is a voluntary organization  working indefatiguably, day in day out, without expecting any reward or payment or recognition, to uplift the slum children. Its educational works extend  to four levels namely primary , secondary , higher and tertiary level.

At primary level YIWF provide free notebooks , stationery , dresses,  among slum dwellers besides value education  and cultural programmes. Efforts are made to sensitize the slum parents to send their children to schools . Annual cultural programmes  which include such varied entertaining activities such as dance, plays ,songs, arts, crafts and other workshops, are organized. It provides a platform for such deprived children to proudly display their talents to the community.


At higher level ,12th passed students (from underprivileged sections)are provided guidance to opt professional courses according to their aptitude. They are assisted in getting enrolled in professional institutions at reduced fee. Besides, counselling is rendered in job selection and also for pursuing higher  education.

At Tertiary level, housewives, both literates  and illiterates, from the underprivileged sections and slum areas are trained in skills like tailoring, stitching, basket making, doll making (soft toys), paper bags, envelope making and other paper crafts. In this venture, help is sought from the welfare motivated well to do women who want to contribute something to society.